Exams 2022

Advance Information

The advance information is a key adaptation to examinations in 2022, aiming to support students and teachers in focusing revision for exams. It is intended to make sure that the exams are as fair as possible to students given the disruption they have experienced, and many continue to face, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In some cases, for example, the information will provide a list of topics that will be the focus of the exam, or parts of it. In other cases, the information will identify a section of a set work (such as a text), and the extract used in the exam will be taken from this smaller section. Other approaches have been taken elsewhere. The differences you will notice are appropriate given the variety of specifications, and subjects being examined. Taken together, the information across all specifications you offer is quite detailed, although there will be a limited amount of information for each subject teacher to engage with.

You can find all advance information for your subjects by clicking the blue box below:



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